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Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin – it’s everywhere!!! During the fall season everybody is crazy for pumpkin.

With October being National Pet Wellness Month, let’s look at the benefits of pumpkin for your pets.

PUMPKIN: Can help in calming your pet’s stomach by adding fiber. This helps in bulking up loose stools and it also can help with constipation. (For the safety and health of your pet, if loose stools persist please see your veterinarian…)


With the added fiber, your pets will also feel fuller and this may aid in weight loss. Substitute 1 Tablespoon of 100% Pure Pumpkin, Pumpkin Firm Up, or Frozen OC Raw Pumpkin Rox (available at WPE), for ¼ cup of food.


Pumpkin contains Vitamin A for vision, Vitamin C to boost immunity and joint health, slows aging, and Zinc to improve skin and coat.

Let’s not forget about the cats! Pumpkin aids in moving hairballs through the digestive system, and also adds vitamins and health benefits.

If your pets don’t take easily to pumpkin try making pumpkin meatballs. Take canned food from WPE and mix it with pumpkin blend, shape into meatballs and freeze. Thaw slightly and add to food.

Try a Pumpkin Latte: Primal Goat’s milk (available in WPE freezer section) mixed with pumpkin; add to our fun bone or paw print molds and freeze! Pop out and feed as a treat or on food.

So go ahead and feed that pumpkin, it’s super healthy and your pets will be happy!!


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