Champion Pet Foods Suit

by in Frontpage Article March 22, 2018

You may  have heard of a lawsuit filed recently against the manufacturer of Acana and Orijen petfoods.   The suit claims Champion has been negligent in their claims of high quality in both advertising and labeling their products.    The lawsuit is based off data that has already been debunked in credentialed testing and even a casual review of the rating system used by a firm under the “Clean Label Project” suggests many huge discrepencies that cannot be explained in their laboratory testing.    The firm claims to have identified various heavy metals in samples of Orijen and Acana pet foods.

We will follow this closely and would never knowingly sell a product that could potentially cause harm to your pet and after reviewing the data view this as a likely “nuisance” suit.   We continue to have the highest level of confidence in Champion.   In our view Champion is a premiere manufacturer of premium petfood in North America.     If, however, you are uncomfortable we would be happy to assist you in alternatives to either Orijen or Acana.

ORIJEN and ACANA are Biologically Appropriate™ foods that feature much higher levels of quality FRESH and RAW meat ingredients than conventional pet foods, including fish and seafood ingredients.


All heavy metals in ORIJEN and ACANA are from natural sources and not from artificial or industrial sources. All heavy metal results for ORIJEN and ACANA are well below the maximum tolerable limits set by the NRC Committee on Mineral and Toxic Substances in Diets and Water for Animals.


In conclusion, the heavy metals reported in ORIJEN and ACANA foods do not lead to adverse effects or food safety concerns for dogs and cats, and results are reinforced by Champion’s 25 years of excellence and international leadership in companion animal nutrition.