Round-Up herbicide ingredient in some pet foods!

by in Frontpage Article October 29, 2018

A recent study published in the Cornell Chronicle shows identifiable amounts of glyphosate (Round-up Herbicide) in several dog and cat foods.    In the present study, 18 commercial companion animal feeds from eight manufacturers were analyzed for glyphosate residues using ELISA. Every product contained detectable glyphosate residues.   Glyphosate concentration was significantly correlated with crude fiber content, but not crude fat or crude protein.    The specific food items were not all identified but sources have named the following:  Brands evaluated, all of which tested positive, were in manufactured cat and dog foods from several manufacturers: Purina Cat Chow Complete, Purina Dog Chow Complete, Purina Beyond Natural-Simply Nine, Rachel Ray Zero Grain, Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Premium, Iams Proactive Health, 9 Lives Indoor Complete, Friskies Indoor Delights. 


All tested cat and dog foods contained detectable glyphosate.

Total fiber correlated with glyphosate, suggesting a plant-based origin.

Exposure to glyphosate via food consumption is likely higher for pets than humans.

The common characteristics indicate that these are likely issues with pet foods containing plant based proteins.   Ie., corn, wheat, soy and or plant derivatives of these or others.    Glyphosate is a herbicide widely used in corn and soybean production.   However, it is not used in rice production or of course in meat production.

We have a high level of confidence that the products we sell are safe since they do not use plant based protein sources!  They use meat!  Some contain, rice but rice is not grown with the use of Glyphosate!

We will of course continue to monitor this story as it develops.