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Acana Regionals Five Star Rating

              ACANA REGIONALS RECEIVES FIVE-STAR RATING Dog Food Advisor, the independent dog food recommendations website, has upgraded its rating of ACANA Regionals from 4.5 stars to the top rating of five stars. The website is known for its detailed, objective analysis of ingredients and nutritional value, and its five-star rating is […]

The Truth About Catfish

          Some people mistakenly call catfish a “bottom feeder” fish. You can find them on the bottom of lakes and rivers, but that’s often because of how they hunt, as they burrow in holes to wait for their prey. Catfish are omnivores — they eat insects, plants, crustaceans and other fish, not “leftovers,” […]

10 Food Ingredients to Avoid For Your Dog’s Sake

(From: dog Food guide) If you spoke to five different veterinarians or animal nutritionists, you would get five different answers in regard to the dog food ingredients that are most important to avoid. This speaks to a major problem within the pet food industry – that there are so many low-quality ingredients used by pet […]

Truth About “Grain Free” Label

Are all grain-free pet foods alike?    Of course not.    That would be like saying that all cars with leather seats are of the same quality.    So while the big box stores and grocery stores are many times offering  a “grain free” pet food it may still be kind of junkie as far as your dog […]

A Little Grooming Talk

Here at WPE we educate a lot about food, supplements, treats and chews. But did you know that we do grooming too? At WPE we pride ourselves in treating your pets as our own while they are here with us. Things that may happen while in our care and being pampered on their spa day […]


          Trying to pinpoint an allergy in your pet can be quite challenging. Any one of the following symptoms could be pointing to an allergy: Constant itching, red skin, chronic eye, ear or skin infections, lack of an appetite, nausea and/or diarrhea and the list goes on. Allergies can be both […]

Acana, Orijen, Nutrisource, PureVita and Fromm Are HERE!!!!!

With the recent acquisition of Chewy.com by Petsmart three major quality manufacturers have announced they will no longer supply product to Chewy.    Champion Pet Foods, NutriSource/PureVita and Fromm have all either already or will soon be severing ties to the online retailer.   This means Acana, Orijen, NutriSource, PureVita and Fromm pet foods will […]

The Appropriate Harness

Back-Clip Harness Back-clip harnesses attach to the leash between shoulders. This type of harness is very comfortable and easy for your dog to walk in, and it is a great option for small dogs and those with throat issues. Another great perk of back-clip harnesses is that the leash is less likely to get tangled […]