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New Grooming Discount

If you rebook your pet for their next full groom when you checkout from the current grooming session we’ll apply a 10% grooming discount on that next booking.     Includes only the regular grooming charge and does not include a discount for any “add on” services.      The discount will not be taken […]

Gluten….from dogfoodadvisor.com

Gluten — Beware This Inferior Dog Food Protein Impostor Hey, nobody likes an impostor. Am I right? Yet you may have already come face-to-face with this unexpectedtrickster and not even known it. You see, in the world of dog food, protein truly is the Holy Grail. Dogs crave it for survival. And companies market it for […]

Dog Owners….Trim those Nails!

Why keeping a dog’s nails short and sweet should be a top priority for all dog owners. (Excerpted from Whole Dog Journal) By Denise Flaim Let’s get this out of the way first: Nobody, it seems, likes to “do” dog nails. Not you, not the dog, nor anyone else who may be called upon to […]

Halitosis in Dogs

We get a fair number of folks asking about bad breath in dogs.    Many times we have an over the counter treatment (toothbrushing, mouth rinse, chews, etc) that will help.    But sometimes it’s a more serious issue.    Here’s a piece from petmd.com…… Halitosis in Dogs   Halitosis is the medical term used […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Pets

  Spring is a wonderful opportunity to spruce up your home, perhaps add some new accessories and generally get rid of all signs of what has definitely been a long, cold winter. It’s also a great time to spruce things up for your pet. Start by walking around the house and looking at your home […]

New Dog? 21 Items for your shopping list….

from our friends at vetstreet.com What’s almost as much fun as welcoming a new dog into your home? Going on a shopping spree to make that welcome complete! Let’s face it. Even though your new dog can thrive on love and attention, even dogs have a materialistic streak, and they won’t turn down a plush […]