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Pancreatitis in Dogs

in Frontpage Article, Uncategorized April 20, 2018

Pancreatitis in Dogs At Wholesome Pet Essentials we have several diets that fit the profile needed for a dog/cat with pancreatitis.   The “prescription” food offered by your veterinarian is not the only low fat option available.    (The following is from PETMD) The pancreas is part of the endocrine and digestive system, which is integral for the […]

Why Pick Up after Your Pet?

in Frontpage Article April 16, 2018

You’ll Probably Never Leave Dog Poop On the Ground Again After Read This… Do you poop and scoop, or bend and pretend? Here’s why you shouldn’t  leave dog poop behind When you let your dog out into the backyard to do his business, you may not immediately clean up after him. If you are taking your dog out in […]

Champion Pet Foods Suit

in Frontpage Article March 22, 2018

You may  have heard of a lawsuit filed recently against the manufacturer of Acana and Orijen petfoods.   The suit claims Champion has been negligent in their claims of high quality in both advertising and labeling their products.    The lawsuit is based off data that has already been debunked in credentialed testing and even a casual […]

Cleaning Your Pet Food Bowl

in Frontpage Article March 14, 2018

Do you regularly wash your pets food bowl?    Please do.    A recent study by NSF International examined 30 everyday items from 22 different households and pet food dishes ranked 4th in the final list of germ spots.   Pet food bowls can serve as ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold and yeast.    It […]

Nationwide Pet Obesity Problem

in Frontpage Article February 13, 2018

(courtesy of CBS News) A new study shows the nationwide obesity epidemic now includes our pets. Busy lifestyles and unhealthy diets are wreaking havoc on our pets and while porky animals may look cute, the extra fat can cause life-threatening conditions, reports CBS News correspondent Don Dahler. “Overweight and obesity in our cats and dogs […]

Dog Care in Extreme Winter Weather

in Frontpage Article January 3, 2018

Exposure to winter’s dry, cold air and chilly rain, sleet and snow can cause chapped paws and itchy, flaking skin, but these aren’t the only discomforts pets can suffer. Winter walks can become downright dangerous if chemicals from ice-melting agents are licked off of bare paws. To help prevent cold weather dangers from affecting your […]

Safety of Baked Pork Skin Chews

in Frontpage Article December 1, 2017

We offer NO rawhides at Wholesome Pet Essentials!   We do offer a safe alternative chew of baked pork skin.    Should you be concerned about the safety of baked pork skin?    For those looking for a simple answer….THEY ARE SAFE!    They are digested.     There are no chemicals used in the processing of […]