Pet Grooming

Meet our groomers:

Wholesome Pet Essentials has two top pet groomer/stylists with years of experience.     Andrea and Anette have 15 years of combined grooming experience and will  offer first rate service on a 7 day schedule without interruption.   All are solid professional stylists and we are very excited to have them on board to service your furry friends grooming needs and make you beam with pride.

Call today for an appointment, and let them pamper your pets under their constant watchful eye.     We will not place your pet in some back room!

And yes, we do CATS!

Meet our full time pet stylist Andrea!

I discovered my passion for pet grooming in 2010 when I started bathing dogs that had boarded at a veterinary clinic that I was working part time for. From there I moved on to PetSmart as a professional bather then I went through their Grooming Academy in 2011. l have been grooming for 4 ½ years, and have loved every minute of it. I not only specialize in the typical all over haircut, but I am also trained in breed standard patterns and creative grooming. I have also been grooming cats for a little over 2 years. I absolutely enjoy helping pets look their absolute best, and see the smiles on their parents faces. I want grooming for any pet to be as fun and relaxing as possible. I am very excited to continue my grooming journey at Wholesome Pet Essentials!

Andrea Grooming
Andrea and Annette have been very busy!
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Anette Grooming

We are great at what we do

Call to schedule your appointment today: (515)289-2006

We have grooming appointments available 7 days a week and we will work with you on your drop off and pick-up times to accommodate your schedule!

Core Services

  • Dog Grooming

    Our professional groomer delivers personalized service with a gentle touch. We use only high quality, all-natural pet products in our grooming salon. Our full service grooming services include: bath and brush, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and personalized attention as requested.  (Rates are size and condition dependent)

    Baths  $20-55   depends on hair length as well as size of dog

    Hair Cut  $48-95    Starting prices, some breeds/dogs more

    Nail Grind  $12 walk-in or $5 add-on

    De-shedding Treatment $5-15 add-on depending on dog size

    Teeth Brush  $5

    Anal gland expression  $12 walk-in or $5 add-on

    Dematting  Up to $30 per hour

    Rebook Discount!   If you rebook your pet for their next full groom when you checkout from the current grooming session we’ll apply a 10% grooming discount on that next booking.     Includes only the regular grooming charge and does not include a discount for any “add on” services.      The discount will not be taken if the appointment is rescheduled within 7 days of the originally scheduled date.



  • Cat Grooming

    Certified cat grooming services include: bath and brush, face, feet and tail haircut, trimming of nails and personalized attention as requested.

    Cat Grooming   $40-65  dependent on hair length/bath/lion cut


  • Individual services

    In addition to our full-service grooming packages, we offer individualized services for your pet. Contact us for more details.

  • Self Serve Wash

    IMG_1611You bring the dog…We provide the towels, shampoo, dog sized wash tubs, dryers, and best of all the clean up!

    Cost is just $15!

  • The Grooming Experience

    Here at WPE we educate a lot about food, supplements, treats and chews.

    But did you know that we do grooming too?

    At WPE we pride ourselves in treating your pets as our own while they are here with us.

    Things that may happen while in our care and being pampered on their spa day follow below.

    Pets can not speak, so occasionally they may whine, or cry out. Especially if  they are matted, getting their nails trimmed, or even bathing and blowdrying. They may protest as they are saying hey what’s going on?

    With a little patience, talking to and going SLOW with them they will calm down. Some breeds though do a lot of talking.

    Your pets may need to be shaved or trimmed down shorter than was the initial plan. Sometimes if they are especially matted, have fleas, or are especially dirty our groomers may have to do this. And we will try our best to brush out first but this can cause extra stress on them, so to prevent stress we may shave them shorter instead.

    The good thing is fur grows back!!

    To prevent excess matting, consider an in between bath and brushout! We would bath, blowout and brush your pet. Check the nails and ears all at a lower price. We recommend a 4 week bath and brush, 6-8 full groom.

    Occasionally we do need to speak or scold your pet. It’s all about training, and it would be the same as you training them. We want their spa time to be as calm, relaxing and as positive as it can! This is where training comes in, starting early with nail trims, baths and blowdrying. And especially clippers and scissors, so as they grow from puppies to adults this time with us is a positive grooming experience.

    And lastly we feel we have the best groomers! Be patient with them as they work slowly, professionally and as relaxed as possible.

    We aren’t about getting your pets in/out in the quickest time possible. We hand scissor, we hand dry and we go slow, again all for the care of your pets. We want to do the best possible job for you and your pets, even of it takes us a little longer.

    Thank you for your continued support, your patience and shopping local and small.