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 Caloric Harmony for Dogs


Animal-Based Protein

Caloric Melody for Dogs


Animal-Based Protein

What’s in Your Calorie?

Your dog derives nutrition from 3 caloric sources: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Which should be the predominant source? With Weruva’s Caloric Harmony & Caloric Melody formulas, take control of your dog’s Caloric Harmony with foods that have protein providing the majority of calories and nutrition.

Features & Benefits 

  • Grain and Gluten Free Options
    • Chicken (Harmony & Melody)
    • Chicken, Turkey & Salmon
      (Harmony & Melody)
  • Novel Protein with Noble Grains
    • New Zealand Venison & Salmon Meal (Harmony)
    • New Zealand Lamb (Melody)
  • Low Glycemic Index & Load
  • High Animal to Plant Protein Ratio
  • Healthy Digestion
    • Pumpkin
    • Organic Certified Prebiotic Seaweed
  • No Chinese Ingredients

Quality Control 

  • BRC Approved Facility – First in Canada (arguably the strictest standard in the world)
  • Moisture, Protein and Fat Levels Monitored Every 30 Minutes During Production
  • Country of Origin Focus – No Chinese Ingredients
    • Chicken / Chicken Meal & Turkey / Turkey Meal – US and Canada
    • Salmon / Salmon Meal – US, Norway and Canada
    • Venison / Venison Meal & Lamb / Lamb Meal – New Zealand and Australia
    • Legumes – US and Canada
    • Taurine – Japan
  • Traceable and Sustainable Ingredients
  • Toxin and Peroxide Testing of Incoming Ingredients

Difference Between Harmony & Melody? 

Both Caloric Harmony & Caloric Melody have formulas where protein provides the majority of your dog’s calories. Harmony contains a higher meat content inclusion than Melody, and Melody provides comparable nutrition at a lower price point.

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