The Truth About Catfish

by in Frontpage Article September 5, 2017







Some people mistakenly call catfish a “bottom feeder” fish. You can find them on the bottom of lakes and rivers, but that’s often because of how they hunt, as they burrow in holes to wait for their prey.

Catfish are omnivores — they eat insects, plants, crustaceans and other fish, not “leftovers,” and their nutritional value proves it. They’re high in protein, Vitamin B12, thiamine, niacin, selenium and phosphorous, and are lean in fat, too. They naturally carry nutrients like EPA and DHA, essential Omega 3 fatty acids. And, unlike most fish featured in pet food, they’re wild-caught and delivered to us fresh and whole.

DogStar® catfish arrives daily from Kentucky’s pristine lakes and our trusted supplier featured in the photo above, Kentucky Freshwater Fisheries.



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