Why Local and Independent?

by in Uncategorized June 17, 2022

We frequently point out that we are a local family-owned independent business. But what does that mean for you?

Perhaps a less obvious consideration is that we are personally invested in the goods and services we offer for you furry friend. There is no ROI “test” by a corporate buyer to determine if a good enough profit margin can be made on a product. There is no corporate buyer being swayed by a vendor or product manufacturer incentives to sell you what they want you to buy rather than what your pet needs. We select your dog or cat’s goodies based on what is good and safe for them! We don’t even have to listen to a franchise office in our selection process. And you won’t get frequent buyer rewards are the big box centers.

So the next time the lure of the “big box” store or that huge on-line store creeps into your vision please remind yourself that their massive assortment doesn’t mean they really have more to offer. The inventory may be deeper but not more diverse and pound for pound of nutrition no less expensive.

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