“Mysterious” Dog Respiratory Disease

by in Uncategorized November 27, 2023

We are not veterinarians nor epidemiologists here and we realize that. However, there appears to be more NOT known about this mysterious respiratory disease in dogs than is known. There are those suggesting it is in fact nothing more than a generational or seasonal uptick in a collective group of pathological organisms. On the other hand scientists at the University of New Hampshire believe they have identified a bacterial infection that is the root cause. What is probably important to note is that a Google search for information will yield a wide crop of local and network television news productions all seemingly saying the same thing that a “mystery illness in dogs is quickly spreading across the country”. Social media purveyors love to pick these reports up and disseminate them far and wide even though they are largely devoid of any useful information and frequently full of misinformation. We do know that stories of this mystery illness have been circulating since early 2022.

We will continue to rely on our veterinarian institutions for useful information regarding this situation and in the meantime are taking several additional precautions. We continue to promote feeding a healthy quality diet as the best way to support your pets immune system and also have offered several natural ways to do the same as well as many supplements available to boost their immune system.  Keeping regular veterinarian visits along with up to date immunizations is critical. We recently made the decision to cancel our annual Christmas “Grinch” event as we felt there was no good justification to have an event promoting an unnecessary gathering of dogs in a tight space.  As we’ve reported elsewhere we’ve reviewed our sanitary practices in grooming and note that there is NO nose to nose contact allowed in our grooming salon. In that light we’re also encouraging grooming clients to drop off and pick up their dogs close to their appointment times.  

If we learn more of any substance we will pass it along.

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