I am Jennafer Perry-Thoren, I’m 31 years old and have 3 wonderful children; the twins, aged 10, Markys and Brendan, and my youngest at almost 7, Johnny. I have a wonderful and supportive husband, John and we’ve been married almost 6 years.
I started my training as a groomer by a private, small business in August of 2016. I have since had the great opportunity to groom some amazing breeds. Some of my favorites are Border Collies and Shih-Tzus. I take pride in the transformation of my grooms. I love being able to allow the pet to feel more confident when I am finished with the task of grooming them. My favorite part about grooming is watching the pet strut around, knowing they look and feel their best.
As far as the task of grooming, I love the bathing and finishing. In the bath, the pet knows they’re getting clean and they get a relaxing massage with every wash. While on my table, most pets know that once I start using my shears, the groom is almost finished. At this stage, I can see how their stance changes and how their body language becomes that confident self that I love to see. I have since furthered my horizons by attending the All American Grooming Show in Chicago last year, where I was certified in not only human first aid, but pet first aid as well. My favorite breed of dog is the Boxer. I own 2 boxer mixes, Fancy and Rockie, at present. I have co-owned a lab and Border Collie mix, Rex, and full Boxer, Vader, in the past.